Account Features Bronze Silver Gold
Bandwidth Allowed Per Month 5 Gigs 8 Gigs 15 Gigs
Disk Storage 300 MB 800 MB 2000 MB
Number of Domains Per Server 30 100 250
Domain Registration Through StarHost Yes Yes Yes
Static IP Address Yes Yes Yes
Private Nameservers (ns1./ $25/mo $25/mo $25/mo
Instant Setup Yes Yes Yes
                  Email Features Bronze Silver Gold
POP3 E-mail Accounts 25 50 100
E-mail Aliases (Forwards) Yes Yes Yes
E-mail Autoresponders Yes Yes Yes
Webmail Yes Yes Yes
Control Panel to add/change POP accounts Yes Yes Yes
             Website Management Bronze Silver Gold
Detailed Site Statistics Yes Yes Yes
FTP Access  Yes Yes Yes
MS Front Page Extensions Yes Yes Yes
               Technical Support Bronze Silver Gold
Toll Free Support Yes Yes Yes
99.999% Uptime Guaranteed Per Year Yes Yes Yes
Price Freeze Guarantee Yes Yes Yes
                      Security Bronze Silver Gold
Secure Server (SSL) Transaction Encryption no Yes Yes
Server Side Includes (SSI) no Yes Yes
Password Protected Directories Yes Yes Yes
PHP with GD 1.8.4 Support no Yes Yes
               Additional Software Bronze Silver Gold
Web Based Control Panel Yes Yes Yes
Mysql  Database No 1 10
              Advanced Features Bronze Silver Gold
CGI Bin Yes Yes Yes
Custom Error Documents no Yes Yes
Anonymous FTP no Yes Yes
             Hardware and Network Bronze Silver Gold
Server Hardware  Pentium 4 Intel
 Duo Core
Dual Xeon
Server Operating System Custom Red Hat Linux  (Unix) Custom Red Hat Linux (Unix) Custom Red Hat Linux (Unix)
Server Software Apache  Apache  Apache 
Network Connectivity 5-DS3 2-OC3 5-DS3 2-OC3 5-DS3 2-OC3
Uninterruptible power with UPS and backup generator Yes Yes Yes
                Payment Terms Bronze Silver Gold
Startup $19 $19 FREE
Monthly (recurring charge/6 month minimum) $24.95/mo $44.95/mo $74.95/mo
Quarterly (prepay 3 months) $22.95/mo $39.95/mo $67.95/mo
Annually (prepay 12 months) $19.95/mo $34.95/mo $54.95/mo

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